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    Punk Band 'Ryan's Hope'... Back This Summer!

    After a length of time with no activity and 2-3 years with no shows or records, the Facebook page for Chicago melodic-punk vets ‘Ryan’s Hope’ began generating posts again earlier this month. Then, on March 16th, the band simply posted, “We’re booking a show.” We got a chance to sit down with Ryan’s Hope bass player Nick McLenighan to ask him a few questions about the state of the band and a possibility of a Ryan's Hope comeback.

    “Word on the street is that, after nearly 3 years off, Ryan’s Hope will be back playing a show this summer. Can you confirm or deny?”

    Nick: “Yes. I can confirm, so I will; we are playing a show this summer.”

    “Do you have any details about the show yet that you’re able to share?”

    Nick: “I think it’s in July. July 16th, I believe. It’s a Saturday, so I should be able to play it (haha). Other than that, we have no further details.”

    “You guys have been fairly successful the last couple years playing as 3-chord sarcastic-punk outfit, The Reaganomics, on Red Scare, but I’m sure fans are going to be eager to see Ryan’s Hope back in the game. Do you guys have any intentions of scheduling additional shows or getting back into the studio as ‘Ryan’s Hope’ anytime in the future?”

    Nick: “At this time I really cannot say for sure. I personally would love to play more shows, maybe hit up some of our old haunts around the Midwest and beyond, but I just don’t know right now. We have yet to really sit down and discuss the prospect of doing more shows or doing another album. I think we would all love to get into the studio to prove our worth (or lack there of, haha) yet again. We just really haven’t sat down and talked about it seriously though.”

    “So, it sounds like this is more of an off-the-cuff kind of thing at the moment. Well, we expect ‘Hope’ fans to come out of the woodwork for this show… and hopefully the public outcry will be enough to keep you guys going!”

    Nick: "Yeah, that'd be really nice actually."

    “Last but not least, complete the following sentence…
    Ryan’s Hope is to __________ as The Reaganomics is to ___________.”

    Nick: "Ryan's Hope is to wolverines as The Reaganomics is to honey badgers."

    “Nice... Thanks, Nick. We look forward to seeing you guys again in July.”

    July 16th is a ways off, but be sure to visit their Facebook page at the following link for updates from the band and more show info as it is made available. While you’re there, make sure to send them a message demanding some more shows!

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