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    3 Must-Hear Local Punk Bands!

    We received some great feedback about a few of our recent suggestions in 3 Must-Hear Local Metal Bands. We've got a ton of great bands on the site, but decided to put together another quick list of suggestions for your listening consumption.

    So, here are three local punk rock bands that you absolutely have to check out! Visit their links and listen to their tunes...

    Aeon Now1. Aeon Now - Cottage Grove, Oregon
    This gypsy/vaudeville circus-punk band out of Oregon makes the washboard and accordion the two coolest instruments on the face of the planet. Be sure to check out the video for "My Clock Explodes".

    2. Boston Thieves - Chicago, Illinois
    Good hard, fast Chicago-style punk rock... listen or die! ...'nuff said.

    3. Sore Subjects - Chicago, Illinois
    Another local Chicago Band, with a little more of an old-school punk feel, though. I personally can't stop listening to "Gimme a Dee Dee"... and it really makes me want a 'Dee Dee' right now!

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