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    New Additions to "Say I Won't Records"

    "Say I Won't Records" announced Monday April 4th that they had just signed 6 local Carolina bands to the label. Bamboo Forest, Bracing For Impact, Hawaiian Shirt Day, Josh Carter Music, Plan-C, and Swift Kicks will all now be represented by the label. "Say I Won't Records" is a DIY organization supporting local music in the Charlotte area that was started by friend of the site, Zander Aycock. They offer local artists help with promotion, recording, merch. and all that other "business" stuff that goes along with being in a band.

    We truly wish them the best of luck and will be anxious to hear some good stuff out of their recent acquisitions. Below is a link to their Facebook page, so drop by and show a little love. I've also included links to the pages of those bands recently signed by "Say I Won't Records"

    The Label...
    "Say I Won't Records"

    Bamboo Forest - Myrtle Beach, SC
    Bracing For Impact - Rock Hill, SC
    Hawaiian Shirt Day - Columbia, SC
    Josh Carter Music - Rock Hill, SC
    Plan-C - Chester, SC
    Swift Kicks - Rock Hill, Sc