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    Local Artist Review: Cool Kid Collective

    They've opened for everyone from Nappy Roots and Bone Thugs to Incubus and Ben Harper... and after having a listen myself, I can assure you that our latest featured local band, Cool Kid Collective, out of Raleigh, NC is just as good (and as versatile) as that lineup would lead you to believe.

    Native Carolinians (or Carolini maybe?) Matt Bowen (guitar/vox), Frankie Goodrich (guitar/vox) and J.D. Leath (percussion/vox) formed Cool Kid Collective in 2008 and have quickly built a pretty impressive following... and for good reason too. Every note I've had the pleasure of listening too is deliberate and well-produced. Each of them is an incredible vocalist and, despite the very different flavors that each member brings, the group melds naturally into a fusion of musical sweetness that transcends genres.

    "After Party", is the band's recent breakout hit. It's catchy, and oh-so alt-rockish radio-friendly. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to give it a listen... if for no other reason than so you'll be able to identify it when you do hear it on the radio - because, trust me, you will. Two additional tracks worth mentioning are "Si Senor" and "Miracle" because they really showcase CKC's incredible versatility. While "Si Senor" draws much deeper from the group's hip-hop roots, "Miracle" feels more like a alt-pop ballad with great vocals and a very interesting sound.

    Bottom line is... there's something here for everyone, so, seriously, drop what you're doing and give 'em a go! You can find all the tracks mentioned in this article on the band's Facebook page by clicking here. For more info, visit the band's website at http://www.ckcmusic.com.

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