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The only way to make it in today’s new independent music industry is to tour hard and often.

We’re here to help you hack it.

The life long independent musicians behind BandHack are working on solving real problems traveling acts experience, with simple tech solutions.

Bandhack services launched May 28th at  Westport Roots Festival. One of the best festivals we’ve attended. See our photo album on Facebook.

We’re exclusive.

Currently only accepting touring musicians.

Stock your Merch kit without going broke. No minimum orders, no maximum on designs. Laser printed, made to order and sent anywhere in the US within 3-5 days. Stock up before you leave. Re-up from the road.

The CD is like a business card these days. Fortunately, fans who enjoy direct contact with their favorite artists are still buying albums at shows. We make it easy and affordable to get just a few discs at a time. Run out? Re-up from the road. We’ll have them delivered to your next venue.

(In Progress)

Your virtual road manager. Track mileage, merchandising solutions, payouts, contracts and contacts. File for your LLC, do your taxes and be your own publishing company.

(In Progress)

We’re building a database of band friendly business, enthusiasts and friendly faces. Need a new tire? Know a pizza joint that will trade pie for a t shirt? Need a band friendly mechanic? Want to offer up your extra room to hard working bands?

Fan of Good Music?

We want you too! Musicians and listeners need each other. We’ll help you connect.